Sunday, February 3, 2008


I had my first visitor today and it made me so happy that I realized that I have not been getting out enough. I was trying to keep up with a heated debate on casawaves and I got up enough courage to post something in French just as everyone had said all that they had to say. I realize now that I have to jump in there a little faster and hope that someone lets me know if my comment is completely incoherent. The time difference complicates matters as well- I am usually online when everyone in Morocco is sleeping. Congratulations to all the nominees and organizers of the Maroc Blogs Award!

J'ai eu mon premier visiteur aujourd'hui, et il m'a rendu très heureux. Je suivai un débat sur casawaves et quand j'ai finalement essayé d'envoyer quelque chose en français la discussion etait finie. Je me rends compte maintenant que je dois essayer plus tôt et j'espére que quelqu'un me fera savoir si ma remarque est complètement incohérent. le decalage horaire complique les choses ainsi, je suis généralement en ligne au Maroc, quand tout le monde dort. Félicitations à tous les candidats et les organisateurs du Maroc Blogs Award!


cinemasfi said...

Salut, merci pour tes félicitations. Je trouve ton sujet de thèse très intéressant. Tu fais ça où? Si je peux te donner un conseil. Va voir le blog de Naim, c'est un prof de la Fac de Safi qui a obligé tous ces étudiants à faire un blog. C'est, je crois, une expérience unique au Maroc. Bon courage, et bon blog.

Reb said...

Salut Cinemasfi,
Merci pour ta visite et pour ton conseil! Je vais voir le blog de Naim (je suis sure que ca va etre interessante) Je suis en Arizona. Merci encore,

Marie-Aude said...

Your comment was not incoherent at all, and I found it very interesting. As well as the answer, but I won't follow you over there :) I get enough bashing about my "sneaky criticism", and my initial goal was not that much 'are we all truly democrats' :)

Anyway, to make a short answer, no system is ideal, and no system works "as it should". I personnaly make mine the words of Churchill 'Democracy is the worst system on earth, except all the others', because I think it diminishes the abuses that can be comitted in other systems. Nevertheless, money and birth will always have precedence, in any system.

I'm working quite late even in Morocco, so we have some minuts in common.

Reb said...

Salut Marie-Aude,
Thanks for visiting and I hope you don't mind me responding to you in English since you started it :) Yes, we live in a very imperfect world where nothing is black and white and where a word like democracy, which should be a beautiful thing, is synonymous with apathy. I enjoy your writing very much as well as the lively debate that your words inspire :)
I don't know how you stay up this late. My daughter is 3 and I can hardly keep up with her with 7-8 hours of sleep. Please visit me again and I'll be sure to follow the intrigue on casawaves!